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Mechelen lies in between Antwerp and Brussels, with many fast connections to both cities.


When arriving at Brussels International Airport, the most convenient way to reach the city of Mechelen is by train. You simply have to take the train to Brussels-North station and there, you can take any train in the direction of Antwerp (all trains towards Antwerp stop at Mechelen station). Please be sure to take IC or IR trains, as L trains are painstakenly slow. The train schedules can be found online. Station names to remember are "Brussels Airport", "Brussel Noord" and "Mechelen".

Once in Mechelen, we advice you to simply take a taxi (every destination within the city should cost you less than 10 euros). However, there is also the option of taking a bus (public transportation) or simply go by foot if you like a short walk (about 15 minutes).

Rental Car

Several well know agencies provide rental cars at Brussels Airport. Driving from the airport to Mechelen takes about 20 minutes. Speed limits in Belgium are 120km/h on high-ways and 50km/h in populated areas.

The Lamot site has a (non-free) underground parking lot, so you normally won't have a problem to park your car there.